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$25 Win-Win Promotion

Earn $25 in value rewards for each successful referral! Get rewarded with $25 for every referral that results in a purchase! Refer a friend and receive $25 in value rewards for each qualifying sale! Receive $25 in value rewards for every successful recommendation you make! For every qualified sale generated from your recommendation, enjoy $25 in value rewards!

How It Works

Join the Cabledeals Egeeks Technical Services INC Community Referral Program today and begin earning rewards by introducing new movers and residents to Cabledeals Egeeks Technical Services INC offerings. It's easy and gratifying to participate!


Begin by enrolling here You'll need to set up a new user ID to get started.

Refer Your Residents

Direct your residents to to explore and order Internet services.

Your Referral ID

Remind them to include your Referral ID during their order process. It's important to note that the Referral ID cannot be added after the purchase has been completed.

Receive Your Rewards

Each referral that results in a sale, in compliance with the Referral Program Rules, will entitle you to a reward. These rewards will be added to your reloadable card or, if applicable, provided via check issuance. Reward processing occurs bi-monthly, typically around the 1st and 15th of every month.

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Top 3 Reasons Residents Should Order Internet Online.

Effortless and Convenient

Residents can easily and conveniently order internet services online, granting them access to our offerings anytime, anywhere. This simplified procedure eliminates the necessity for scheduling or waiting, ensuring seamless service access.

Unmatched Customer Service

Our website is crafted to deliver an exceptional experience to new customers from the outset. Gone are the days of waiting for callbacks or navigating phone menus. Everything they require is readily available, facilitating a smooth and stress-free journey.

Streamlined Process for Your Benefit

With the promotion of online orders, we've markedly lightened your workload. No longer must you manually input resident details into our referral system. This transformation not only saves time but also enhances the efficiency of the entire referral process, benefiting all parties involved.

Tips & Hints

Leverage Digital Channels:

Incorporate Cabledeals Egeeks Technical Services INC Internet materials into your eNewsletters, emails, or other digital communications through digital banners or promotional content. This ensures that your residents are informed about the top-notch internet services available to them.

Initiate Resident Conversations: Engage with your residents by initiating discussions about their current internet service. Inquire about whether their service meets their needs for security, reliability, and speed in their daily activities such as streaming, remote work, online shopping, bill payments, accessing educational platforms, and more. This not only demonstrates your concern for their satisfaction but also creates opportunities to recommend Cabledeals Egeeks Technical Services INC Internet as a superior choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

he Cabledeals Egeeks Technical Services INC Community Referral Program is open to any property manager or owner of a residential community. This program aims to enhance both community management and resident experiences through superior internet services.

Curious about joining the Cabledeals Egeeks Technical Services INC Community Referral Program?

It's a breeze! Just head over to our website and locate the Community Referral Program tab. You'll spot an enrollment form waiting for your details. After you hit submit, expect a confirmation email along with detailed instructions to kickstart your journey.

To monitor your referrals, simply access your Cabledeals Egeeks Technical Services INC account online.

Within your account dashboard, you'll conveniently observe your active referrals, their current status, as well as the rewards you've accrued.

Could you please inform me of the expected time for receiving the reward?

Rewards are typically processed and distributed around the 1st and 15th of every month. Once a referral is verified and the sale is completed, your reward will be issued in the subsequent processing cycle.

Is the reward card considered a credit card?

No, the reward card functions differently. It operates as a prepaid card, containing the accumulated reward from the referral program. This card is usable at any location accepting card payments, following the terms and conditions outlined upon issuance.

What's the process for utilizing the reward card?

The reward card functions just like any other prepaid card, enabling you to make purchases both online and in physical stores. It's important to verify the balance prior to transactions to ensure you have enough funds available.

Tax implications may apply to the value of rewards received

potentially constituting taxable income. It is incumbent upon you to adhere to relevant tax regulations in reporting such rewards. We advise seeking advice from a qualified tax expert for precise guidance.

To inquire about the balance on your reward card

you have the option to either access the card issuer's website or contact their customer service hotline. This pertinent information will typically be included with your card upon reception.

In the event that your reward card goes missing or is stolen

promptly notify the card issuer by calling the customer service number listed on your card. They will assist you in safeguarding your remaining balance and arranging for a replacement card.